Want to be part of a white listed job? Here you can apply to part of the police force, a paramedic or mechanic.


Read up on our server rules before jumping in to the city.

What is Scottish Life RP

Scottish Life RP is A GTAV Roleplay server Where anything is possible if you have the imagination to make it happen. The server is set in Scotland so take a look around and explore the city full of opportunities, Scottish Life RP has been altered to have more British aspects such as Scotland police and ambulance service, Along with a British mechanic company and much more! We are a community just trying to have fun and make the game more enjoyable for everyone, The staff team are very helpful if you have any issues in or out of game there will always be someone happy to help you. We are always adding things from custom cars to custom scripts, The server is always evolving and its only going to get better with time.