HMRP is a great server in which users can enjoy a top notch roleplay experience with friends and new comers they do not know. This server has full custom framework, and features custom drugs, jobs and frequent events, done by our amazing events planner team. Aswell as this there are secret things for crims to do, along the lines of ac robberies and scrapping with secret selling location which you need to find out.

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Being a police officer is a both challenging and rewarding role. Our selection process is designed to identify people who demonstrate that they have the potential to become fully effective in the role and simply to be the best officers they are capable of being. Police also get offered a very competetive wage to suit all their needs when roaming around the city and and protecting everyone they can in the city. New police officer get professionally trained by our great FTO team, who make sure that they are doing the best job that they possibly can and ensuring that everything they do is for the safety of the people


Want to become a medic and help people with their injuries? Then look no further and apply to be part of the NHS team! With a competetive wage to police and great higher ups to provide high quality training, ensuring that you save as many lives as you possibly can, making the people for safe in our hands, making us more reliable. If you want to continue taht great reliable trend of safety apply below, but make sure its a good one as our nhs is looking for best and most determined medics that they can get



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