Scottish Life Rules

These rules are not exhaustive and are here to set some basic rules. Attempts to circumvent, or bend them will be punished.

Ground Rules

  • This is an ENGLISH speaking server, you must speak this at all times and be able to understand it.
  • A working microphone where you can be clearly heard is required.
  • Use common sense when playing, you cannot one punch people, or ramp your car off a building and survive.
  • You can have up to 3 (three) characters on your account. They must be roleplayed as different people.
  • Use of Discord/Teamspeak is permitted providing you roleplay this as radios/earpieces. Do not pass information to each other whilst there are others within earshot.
  • To contact an admin ingame, use /report - To contact them in Discord use "-new [reason]" in #create-a-ticket


  • Randomly killing or running people over.
  • Baiting cops into taking action against you.
  • Roleplaying sexual assault. (touching, rape, etc)
  • Imitation of members of staff, police, nhs or military.
  • Exploiting/Cheating/Modding.
  • Disconnecting from the server to avoid roleplay. [We understand people may crash, you are responsible for alerting those involved that this has happened asap.
  • Advertising other FiveM communities/servers.

  • You must value your characters life. If you roleplay death, or do not put value in your character - your character will be reset (money,property,vehicles)
  • Maximum you can rob someone is the money on them up to the value of £5000.
  • When kidnapping civillians 3+ police must be online, 5+ for police officers. Medics are immune to being kidnapped whilst onduty. You may keep hostages for a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • OOC (Out of Character) chat cannot be used to make deals/meet friends. Text(F1)/Call(F1)/Tweet(/twt)
  • Weapons larger than a pistol/knife must be roleplayed as being pulled from a bag/vehicle.
  • Do not use /twt or your phone in unrealistic situations (held at knife point/in jail)
  • Drive realistically, your super car cannot rally along a dirt road at speed.
  • Excessively swimming or running whilst being chased is not allowed. You are not Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt, don't pretend to be.
  • Non-Combat zones exist around hospitals/police stations/car dealerships and cannot be used for comitting crimes [There is a script in place to alert you that you are in one of these zones]
  • When leaving a whitelisted role (police/medic/mechanic/gang) there is a mandatory 14 day cooling off period before you will be allowed to join another whitelisted role. [Exceptions may be given on case-by-case basis]
  • Meta-Gaming is not allowed, and will not be taken lightly if caught doing so. Do not use out of character or 3rd party information in an "In-Character" context. For example; Someone is streaming, and you're constantly following their location and being a nuisance to them. Let's be real, your character has no way of knowing where they are or what they're doing 24/7.
  • When your character is seriously injured and is treated by NHS at the hospital, you lose all memory leading up to the event. Therefore, no vengeance hunting. Also, please respect the New Life Rule (NLR). When the scene ends, leave and pretend you don’t remember.
  • RP Blurring is not allowed, this is when your emotions against someone OOC affect your character and you act upon how you feel against someone in roleplay. If you start to display the wrong intentions against someone you have a problem with while roleplaying, you must take a break or the staff will give you a break.
  • Scamming is only allowed during trades for items (drugs, guns, other), not with the sale of property or vehicles. There is no limit on the amount.

    Major crimes include bank robberies, store robberies and jewellery heists. (to be changed in future) There is a scripted timer in place visible at the bottom left of your screen showing when one can be committed. Please don't refer to this as the 'robbery timer', get creative.

  • ALL participants (no more than 5) of these robberies MUST be inside of the building being robbed (immediate vicinity is allowable, such as getaway drivers parked right at the door). No external help.
  • If police arrive on scean, the first step should be to negotiate with them. Failure to do this within the first minute of arrival could result in the police taking further action.
  • Hostages must be announced and proof of life quickly shown before they can be taken seriously. [Max 5 minutes to show proof before they can be invalid]
  • Hostages must be organic, no paid actors or friends.
  • Hostages are allowed to attempt to flee, if not being watched, or held at gun/knife point.
  • Negotiations may be called off, if a reasonable attempt at negotiating has been made and an agreement cannot be made due to unreasonable demands. Once this happens, each party has 20 seconds to withdraw their negotiators before any further actions happen.
  • All demands must be well thought out and clearly stated. Both parties reserve the right to follow any demands to the letter, and not the spirit of the request. [i.e 'We want to leave' does not mean 'We want to leave, get in our car and drive away'
  • The MAXIMUM you can demand for a civilian hostage is £5,000, police are £15,000. [This may not be possible due to no senior police available to authorise this exchange]

  • It is not always possible for us to script things that benefit roleplay, below is a list of agreed powers that the police or medics may request to happen. The examples given in brackets are not exhaustive and each instance will be taken on its own merit. Strong evidence (photos, videos) must be given before any of these are acted upon.
  • Police

  • Sieze your vehicle because it was used in a crime [i.e you use your own vehicle to rob a store and are caught]
  • Sieze assets (money, property) when it can be proven they were illegitimately gained [i.e you rob a store and are able to wash the dirty money before you are caught.]
  • Medics

  • Pronounce you dead, resulting in a reset of your character. [i.e you roleplay comitting suicide]
  • If you are a member of the police/medics please contact your superiors and have them create a ticket if they would like to proceed with any of these.